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The creation of the 2017 suite of posters to commemorate the start of the Yanai Initiative Japanese Performing Arts Program would not have been possible without help from several people and organizations. I am grateful first of all to Sei Takeyama, who put me in touch with Katsumi Asaba, and to Georg Kochi, who was instrumental in the production of the first suite of posters and has been generous with his advice, his knowledge, and his time throughout the process of creating the second. The Japan
Graphic Designers Association, Inc. was a partner in the project, and Takeo Co., Ltd and Toppan Printing, Ltd. went above and beyond by donating printing and paper. Additional assistance in arranging for the creation and preview of the posters was
provided by Hitoshi Abe; Arsenio Apillanes; Marcia Argolo; the Katsumi Asaba Design Studio; Wakana Kimura; Hirokazu Kosaka; Chika Kudo; Judy Mitoma; and Ryoko Okubo. Above all, thanks are due to the designers and other artists, including Kenya Hara; Kazunari Hattori; Takenobu Igarashi; Hisato Iwasaki; Takahisa Kamijo; Kaoru Kasai; Mitsuo Katsui; Hirotsugu Komiya; Seitaro Kuroda; Yoshitaka Mizutani; Masayoshi Nakajo; Kazumasa Nagai; Keisuke Nagatomo; Taku Satoh; and above all, the curator of the new suite Katsumi Asaba.

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